Aquadive Bathysphere 300 Model 51 BY Watch Paper

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The new Aquadive Bathysphere 300 Model 51 is a high end modern update of the classic Time-Depth Model 50, produced with the exact same case as the original and powered by a highly refined all Swiss manufactured and assembled automatic movement.

The original Aquadive Model 50 debuted in 1973 with a design so revolutionary it was patented (US Patent No.337 78 60). A professional dive watch from lens to caseback, the Model 50 incorporated the industry’s first mechanical depth gauge. The new technology required a 47mm case to accommodate the oil filled bronze depth gauge and the electronic quartz movement. No less than astronaut/aquanaut Scott Carpenter approved and endorsed the watch in early advertising programs. The big, bold Model 50 became an instant “must have” amongst the diving elite at a time when modern advanced dive computers were still decades away.

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