Dear Aquadive:  I received my BS-100 yesterday, and I could not be more impressed!  This watch has the feel of a fine surgical instrument - the quality, fit and finish is absolutely superior to any of your market competitors, and easily on part with "luxury" brands costing 3-4 times more.  Thanks for the great product and attentive customer service.

Douglas D. ,  Florida , USA

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Having been a collector of mainly limited edition high end diving timepieces from major watch brands, such as Omega, Breitling, Zenith and Rolex (amongst other), I decided to try out 

 and buy the limited edition of a diving model from an alternative brand, specifically the Aquadive  Bathyscaphe  100 DLC, for which I had already heard very good things.

 I can honestly say that the quality of this model exceeds expectations and is something I would recommend to anybody to buy.

 And the scratch resistant DLC coating just adds to the overall appearance.

 Basically it has everything anybody who knows about watches could want for, especially the modern diver! 

 Aristotelis, Greece

I received my BS100 today 4 days from order to delivery in the UK.  "WOW!!!!!

This is an amazing watch, the photos do not do this justice at all.
Solid, retro, my wife says sexy!!!! It's just  absolutely  amazing :-)

The Lume is second to none, the bezel is solid. It's very comfortable, I will wear this for many years to come. I have searched for 2 years for the ultimate dive watch, the closest I got was a Rolex Sub... 
The Aquadive is better, not just IMO, it's simply better value and more unique I am quite speechless.1st class customer service  as well .

Thank you  Aquadive.
I'll send some photos from some UK wreck diving.

Phil ,  UK

"Hello Aquadive team,

I just got my Aquadive BS300. Thank you! When I opened the lid of the box and took the Clock in the hand, I'm almost caught in a delirium of joy WOW - What a great Clock! I'm blown away by the very quality workmanship and design of clock. I also personally think that the clock was made for my wrist. Here are a few pictures, and I have just written a review in my favorite forum. Also, many thanks for the Isofrane bands. The Clock's processing and technical design are at its best. I am pleased and excited! :-)"

Dirk A.

"This is, without any doubt, the best choice I've made in years regarding watches. I have nothing but praise for Aquadive for what they did and for the excellent support. These guys stand behind their products, they reply fast to the emails or on the phone, they love their watches. And thanks a lot for the Isofrane strap. BTW, in my profession we also offer the best support to our customers, but I think I learned something from you - and you're better. Don't give up your dreams, Aquadive. Make good watches and be good pals to your customers and you will always be on top!"

Best wishes to all,
Victor V.

"Just received my second Aquadive watch, the BS100 DLC. My first was the BS100 SS. I liked the first one so much that I got another in a different flavor. I love them both! I have purchased divers from most of the smaller companies and have owned many watches over the past 5 years and I must say the Aquadive guys are the best I have ever dealt with. My expectations were exceeded several times.
The customer service and communication are second to none! I have found a new home. Looking forward to the Bronze BS 100 too!!"

Bill W.

"My Aquadive Bathyscaphe 300 exceeded my expectations upon arrival. What initially caught my eye was the vintage design styling but when I saw the watch in person I was amazed at the level of quality workmanship. I have been collecting and using dive watches over the past 25 years and the new Bathyscaphe 300 has become one of the top favorites in my collection. Nice work Aquadive!"


Dave D.

"I recently bought the Aquadive BS 100 DLC and BS 100 S/S. I love these watches! The fit and finish are incredible. I own many watches, including brands that cost thousands more. I can truly say that my Aquadive's can hold their own against any of my more expensive watches. Also, I can vouch for the fact that Aquadive customer service is excellent. When I had a concern or question, it was always addressed promptly. Bravo Steve and Aquadive!"

Sanjiv K.

"My Aquadive BS 300 arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased. I put the orange Isofrane on and I haven't taken it off. I am sooo glad I got the BS300, it is the perfect size and weight. I love It and I can't wait til you make a BS300 in DLC! I am a customer and fan for life! I will be buying future watches and new creations from Aquadive. Thanks Aquadive and all of my new BS300 family members."

Thad T.

"Steve, I'd like to thank you personally for your exemplary customer service and attention to detail. My Aquadive BS 100 SS, BS 100 DLC, BS 300, and NOS 200m Diver are all fantastic watches. And they are a steal for the money at list price, much less the give away pre order prices! The quality and cosntruction of the BS 100 and 300 are comparable or better than many of the high end Swiss luxury brands (much more expensive) that I own. The Aquadive's have relegated many of those other watches to the winder box. You guys hit a home run with the brand and your products, and I look forward to buying many more in the future. The Swiss/German quality and craftsmanship just oozes from these pieces. Thanks for the triumphant return of a dive watch legend!"

Sincerely, Rajen M. ( USA)

"I received my watch today and it's left me just speechless and in awe. The BS300 is one of the finest made timepieces I have ever had the pleasure to own, and let me tell you I have had many from Rolex to Breitling to Omega. I can't stop looking at it on my wrist. There will only be ONE watch on my wrist from now on, and it will be a Aquadive! How can you guys top this watch? I am so looking forward to the other timepieces you plan to offer in the future, please keep them coming."

Have a great day!

Matthew W.

"I received the Bathyscape 100 today and I am pretty much speechless, this watch is Stunning! Its the best looking diver, especially for the fantastic preorder price. I've shown it to my brother and he said it was pretty much bulit to perfection and can rank and compete with any other diver out there. I have tried over a dozen 42mm watches and this is the only one that actually fits perfect! Everything was great, packing, extra Isofrane, and all!"

Don C.

"Whoopee, the Clock has arrived! It is beautiful! I do not regret the purchase. Very grateful and happy makes me the customer service. This is top notch! I wish you and your staff a successful 2012.

Greetings from Germany!"

Gregory S.

"Thank you very much for being so quickly and ultra comprehensive! I'm impressed how fast you acted on my behalf. That's how you win faithful customers. The watch is flawless to my utter happiness! Thank you so much for preparing the watch for me to the highest standards. I took it to a Swatch Group in my city and the manager there was VERY impressed with the BS300! So much so that he asked me for references where he could learn a bit more about the revival of Aquadive, since he knew the brand from the 70's. For now, all I wanna say is a big THANK YOU for being so caring and paying attention to your customers needs and requests. The fast shipping method of the watches you guys send to me in Brazil makes ALL the difference in the world. Thank you VERY VERY MUCH for offering total support and a kick ass customer service! I wish you a Happy New Year, with an ever increasing thrilling business !!"

Your friend, Chris O.

"First of all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! The BS100 I purchased recently is absolutely fantastic, and I've really enjoyed wearing it. Thanks for the fantastic service I have so far received from your company."

Kind regards,

Kevin W.

"I can't be more happier as I am with my BS300, honestly! The BS300 is the most beautiful watch I have seen. I was impressed with many watches many times, but it was just a fraction of how I am impressed now! Thats 100% true, even after a few weeks with BS300! I love that luxury & tool design and my wife surprisingly said it is my most beautifull watch! My experience with you and the AD team has been 100%."

Martin K.